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The Launch of INRB

At the end of the ResBios final conference (Brussels, 7 December 2022), the International Network for Responsible Biosciences was officially launched. Its logic is to benefit the activities that have been done by the project as a whole and give them an institutional shape.

The INRB aim to reinforce the research activity of partners and disseminate scientific culture. The Network is intended as multi-, inter- and trans-disciplinary and characterized by the interest and practice of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and Open Science (OS) approaches and their evolution. The INRB will give an institutional feature to a community of practice that already exists but has not had the opportunity to connect. Furthermore, the network is promoted by the UNESCO Interdisciplinary Chair in Biotechnology and Bioethics, which is held by the ResBios Coordinator, the University of Rome – Tor Vergata.

So far, the network has had 95 individual subscriptions. The current members of the network operate, overall, in 41 universities, research centers and international organizations located in 25 different countries.

biosciences, biotechnology, networking, Open science, RRI

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